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Logo Identity Design Questionnaire

Your logo defines your style as a company. It is important that we design a logo that reflects your company accurately. This questionnaire will help us get a better idea of what your style is and what message you want to convey with your logo. Please see samples here: www.diversifydesigns.com

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Logo Design Details

1. Type your Company Name exactly as you wish it to be used in your logo

2. Please provide a tagline or a slogan if you have one.

3. If you have a slogan or tagline, do you want to incorporate your tagline or slogan with the logo?

4. If yes, please provide your tagline or slogan

5. Please provide your motto or mission statement

6. Please describe your company. What type of products/services do you/will you provide?

7. When you think of your business, what words come to mind (be as creative and descriptive as possible)?

8. When you think of your business do any images pop into your head, and if so what are they?

9. Describe your direct competition; provide addresses to their websites if available.

10. Are there logos and/or graphics that you really admire? Please paste in the URLs to them. Please provide an explanation as to why they appeal to you (These do not have to be businesses that are similar to yours).

11. Are there logos and/or graphics that you dislike? Please paste in the URLs to them. Please provide an explanation as to why they do not appeal to you (these do not have to be companies). ?

12. What are the marketing and business goals using this logo; what will it accomplish?

13. Describe your company/business to someone who has no knowledge of your existence.

14. Describe your target market, gender, age, geography.

15. What do you want your new logo to communicate about your company or products?

16. Please state your creative strategy (pointers, ideas, or buzzwords).


17. What image do you most want to project to your prospective customers/visitors (i.e. clean and simple, high tech, fanciful, elegant)?

18. When you think about a logo for your business what images come to mind?

19. If you want your logo to be animated, please describe your idea.

Schedule of Delivery

20. When would you like the logo development to start?

21. What is the desired time frame for development of this logo?

22. Expected date of completion?

Look and Feel

23. Are there any elements that you would like to see included in your logo design?

24. If this is a redesign, what elements from your old identity do you like or dislike?

25. Do you have any particular point of emphasis you want to see in the design? Please state:

26. Do you have any preconceived ideas about the design of your logo?

27. Are there any images or concepts you DO NOT want to see?

28. Do you want your logo to include text only, text and graphic, or graphic only?

29. Do you have any ideas for the style of text (font) in your logo? Please state.

30. Do you have any sketches, samples, etc that you wish to send to us for review? Please describe method of delivery.

31. Do you prefer icon based logo or text based logo or combination of the two?

32. Do you have any specific themes for icon based logo if any you would like us to consider?

33. You may want to refer to the attachment, Psychology of Color, to help you with this next set of answers.

34. Do you have a color scheme in mind for your logo? If not, have you thought about colors and color schemes?

35. Are there any colors that you absolutely dislike? Please state.

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